Talking Bear & Friends

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Experience through Virtual Reality, as your virtual pets in 3D come to life!

Talking Bear & Friends is a cute virtual pet care game not only for Kids, but for people of all ages.

Apart from all the exciting features of dancing, talking, bathing, playing, gyming, the one feature that stands out and would simply amaze boys and girls is the Virtual Reality section.
You will get a chance to see your virtual pets come to life.

You will have 4 different cute talking animals to select from:

  • Timbers, the bear
  • Rocky, the Loving Puppy Dog
  • Minx, the funny cat
  • Parax, the talking parrot

Select one from 4 different talking friends and take them to different places:

Living Room
Talk to your virtual friends! they will immediately start imitating you; whatever you are speaking, they will say the same words in a funny voice. Make your virtual friends dance, tickle and listen to their funny fart sounds!
Furthermore there are mini games through which your kids can learn ABC alphabets with fun! Educate your kids in a fancy manner playing this free kids game.

Take care of your virtual pets by taking them to the bathroom where you can wash them and brush their teeth too! Wash your pets properly and don’t forget the towel, your pets like taking the shower so much!

After a full whole day your cute virtual talking pets will feel sleepy! Tuck them in for a good night’s sleep, but you can be naughty and wake them up by popping colorful balloons.

Now take your talking pets to the beautiful meadows! There are so many gorgeous butterflies in the playground! and play sports games like football with them and make your friends jump on the trampoline!

Gym Area
It’s training time! Make a gym workout plan and take your friends to the Gym for exercising on the treadmill and make your fat buddies fit!!

And this is not all about this free kids game! We also added an engaging mini game! You will enjoy making a princess fairy jump up the skies in the fantasy world!
But the most adorable thing about this talking app is that we bring to you the Augmented Reality feature/ Virtual Reality Feature!