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The tower defense game with toys.

Let the enemy toys not cross your border!

For this purpose you have plush defenders that shoot at the invaders. Each gun can be upgraded to Level 3. With each upgrade your plush defender will be able to attack more effectively.

At present the game has 3 levels (maps). Each map is unique – from an open field to a labyrinth, making the game interesting on all three levels in terms of strategy construction. On each map you will encounter 90 waves of enemies. Some waves have different properties, for example, invisibility or increased speed, or bosses with a large number of lives. A wave may also be immune to certain types of guns, making the player develop different defense techniques. The game has 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard, so both beginners and professionals may play the game.

Upon completion of each map the «Endless game mode» is enabled, where you can test you sustained power and improve your results. There will also become available the option of «Fast game» – if you enable this option, the game speed will increase twice.

The game supports the «Game Center», so you can contest with your friends and other players from the tournament table, proving your superiority over them.