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With Dr.Crazy Dentist you learn how to take care of your teeth and prevents diseases.

In this game you have to treat the teeth of four lovable characters. They have different symptoms, so you have to use different tools. A great game for all ages.

The dentist-office is not as scary as it seems to be for the children! 4 adorable patients of the teeth doctor will show it to the kids. Plenty of colorful medical tools to play are so much fun! You have never been to such an amusing dentist’s office! Bringing their patients to the teeth clinic, children will become the best dentists in a very fancy manner and forget the dentist fear!

Fight bacteria and germs, examine plenty of medical tools, extract the decayed teeth, prevent the healthy teeth from decaying, align the teeth with colorful braces, use laughing gas and so on – there are so many things to do, playing this amusing kids doctor game!

Teeth surgery games are fun, as well as educational. Playing Dr.Crazy Dentist, it is easy to learn how to take care of baby teeth, treat it and avoid teeth extraction. The purpose of Dr.Crazy Dentist is to teach children take care of health. Both children and parents love tooth games! So, you will definitely have the magic moments, playing this adorable virtual 3D dentist game!

The children will discover the plenty of diseases and ailments and learn that they have to avoid it! Eating yummy cookies and chocolate sometimes may lead to the diseases and pain. Treating their tiny patients, kids feel like professional dentists in this rescue game. They are equipped with a huge number of medical tools and use their new medical skills to use all these tools consistently. Let them learn medicine lists and doctor’s work!

The game is about treating the teeth of 4 kid characters. All of them have different ailments, so the tools will be different as well. Check out the gameplay features for each of the kids heroes